Friday, October 10, 2008

One week in NC!

We have been in NC for one week. We arrived to a slightly "unloved" trailer and eagerly set to work unlocking the potential in our new home. We were without water for 3 days which made life a little interesting. We did tote water from the neighbors house so that we could clean the carpets and did a little scrubbing in the house.

The place needs a lot of cleaning, but most of that is done now. We still have some mini blinds to clean and the guest bath, but the rest of the cleaning is done. Two rooms are already painted with many more to go. The kitchen is unpacked and the master bedroom is almost settled. This at least allows us some place to unwind and of course a place to prepare meals. Chris is redoing a closet right now so that we can unpack our hanging clothes.

We visited 2 churches on Sunday. What a blessing to visit 2 churches in one week that were not offensive on the outside. We will probably visit 2 more on Sunday. What a change to be able to be a little "choosy."

With all the repair and unpacking, we have not done a lot of exploring, but that will come. It is nice to be together and working on the place as a team. The last time we moved, Chris left with things still in boxes and I settled the place on my own. I like the team effort!

Sorry for the lack of pictures so far. I will add some when we are a little more settled and I can find things.

Friday, October 3, 2008

4 ways you can tell you are not in the west anymore

1. Autumn has more than the two colors of yellow and green!

2. Sage brush can only be seen on old Western movies, not in your back yard.

3. You no longer have to take your own toilet paper, soap, and paper towels into the rest area facilities.

4. You can watch the news as it is reported, not 3 hours later.

One Morning Away!

Well, tonight we are in our new home state. I am really enjoying the accent! I told Chris that if I could learn the accent it might help me as a pastor's wife. It seems that a woman with a southern accent can say ANYTHING and it sounds sweet :)

We are in Asheville, NC tonight. We had a beautiful drive through the Smokey Mountains today. The leaves are just starting to turn. The mountains remind us much of the Adirondacks were we spent so much of our dating days.

Tomorrow we will make the last 70 miles of our journey and unload at our new trailer. We are excited to see what God has provided and to begin setting up a new home. We are prepared if necessary to paint and change / clean carpets before unpacking in a big way if necessary.

God is so good to us. We had a good visit with the family in IN. It will be nice to not be aunt and uncle from quite such a long distance. 500 miles is a lot closer than 3000 miles. We had not really met the youngest, so that was fun and we can now be more than just a voice on the phone.