Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Darling!

Wow, It is hard to believe that a year has passed. Hubby is turning 30 tomorrow - July 19th! One year ago, he was celebrating in the Gulf with Navy buddies while I waited in Washington. Today we are together - across the nation - living in a trailer rather than an apartment - attending a great church - working outside instead of in the belly of a ship - living on a third of our navy income - back in school - and happy as can be! What an exciting year this has been! Have a great day, baby!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Of Squash Bugs, Bore Beetles, and Tomato-lined Paths

Many have commented that they enjoy following the progress of the container and square foot gardens. We are in our second plantings now. The peas, beets, carrots, onions, lettuces, and basil all did very well. Now there are pole beans, zucchini, huckleberries, peppers, and TOMATOES! We had dug a section by our front walkway for flowers, but we ran out of room for all of the tomato seedlings so the path is lined with tomatoes - YUM! Right now the patio (Roma) tomatoes are producing very well and the larger Delicious and Better Boys are coming along. I have learned that tomatoes don't like high acid soil. We grew some huge tomato plants in the manure filled planters - but also got lots of end blossom rot :(

We planted a variety packet of peppers - the first ones to fruit were PURPLE! How pretty.

We are also attempting pumpkins, winter squash, and watermelons this year with our very long garden season. We have learned about a critter called a squash bug or bore beetle. We were able to harvest 2 pumpkins, but the critter killed many of our plants. We have now dusted and are attempting another planting. So far the melon vines seem to be fairing well, so we will hope for some garden fresh watermelon soon. The pictures show the progress of some of the plants - the white is not snow, but rather Sevin dust!

We are awed again at God's great design as we plant small seeds and see great harvests.
His provision in our life is perfect - his divine plan.

Too much stuff

Does anyone else suffer with this problem? What is the balance between holding on to things so as not to be wasteful or to have to buy it again and just hoarding? Why can't I seem to live the verse "and having food and raiment let us be therewith content"?

So I know that I have to much stuff and too much "but I may need that." Because of this my dearest hubby built me a little 4' x 4' shed. It is a joke around the trailer park because many people are wondering when we are going to cut a half moon in the door. How silly!

I am so thankful for this little shed. We have been able to clear off the back porch of tools and tarps and gardening supplies, have cleared cupboards of coolers, and have tidied up the place in the process. It still needs a door and then a coat of paint - but what a blessing it is!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Foundations Destroyed?

Marriage has been much on my mind since May. I received some good books for my birthday which have challenged me and provided "food for thought." One is "Created to Be His Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl. I am sure that society at large would not appreciate the book, but I am challenged all the more that my responses and actions in the home as a wife are all that God requires of me. Godly actions will produce greater results than nagging, complaining, bitterness ...

The books came at a great time as I have been seeking to encourage 2 wives who feel that things are just falling apart at home. These homes are not the exception any more. All around us there is confusion about the roles in marriage.

We just got back from a family get-to-gether in NY to celebrate dad and mom's 40th anniversary. Quite the milestone! Marriage is a covenant to love, honor and respect each other. It is not without sacrifice, time in prayer, reliance on God. I am so glad for the example that my parents and Chris' parents have set for us. The way that was set before us is easier to follow because we can see the results. If your path was not so neatly laid out, do not despair, just follow God's way - wives being submissive, meek, and quiet; husbands leading and providing with love. God's way is perfect.

A covenant to live by

So what am I thinking about this week. I am thinking about Romans 12. Chris calls it a great example of a church covenant - but I will take it as also a personal covenant with my God. I heard Romans 12 preached in college and it struck me then, and Chris has been preaching through it this year as he has opportunities - What a challenge! Can I challenge you with it? Even if you take one verse at a time, or one phrase at a time - you will be convicted. My thought for today "...he that ruleth, with diligence,..." Much to do today in my realm in the home - I have watered garden, pulled beets, baked cookies - now lawn to mow, beets to freeze, ironing, meat to repackage and freeze ... Be Diligent!