Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Practice What He Preaches

No, I didn't choose the wrong pronoun.
Usually I do have to practice what I preach,
 but in this case,
I have been giving hubby a hard time.

While I was working in the Prophet's Chamber at church,
I was listening to many of the Sunday School lessons
that I miss because I am teaching in a different classroom.
Many times throughout the series that hubby was preaching,
he preached on hospitality and practical showing of Christian love.

I have been teasing him
and asking if he could't preach on some things that I am good at or comfortable with.
It's similar to when you pray for patience and you are given many opportunities to practice it.

It seems that it has been 2 months of practicing hospitality.
I don't want hubby to be seen as a hypocrite,
so I must practice what HE preaches.
And in all honesty ... it is proper and right to do so anyway.

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Feast to Celebrate

We had a very pleasant weekend.
May 14 was the 14th anniversary of our engagement.
We celebrated at the wedding of a girl that we knew in NY
who would also be our neighbor in NC.
It was fun to have the whole day together.
We ended the day with a trip to Golden Corral.

May 15 was my 41st birthday.
The day was absolutely beautiful.
Sunny all day, cool breeze, and a pleasant 75 degrees.
Picture perfect day.
We believe that this is the fourth year that we have celebrated with my own special birthday feast:
hot dogs
deli mustard potato salad
canned Bush's beans
Not a very balanced meal ... but my favorite none the less.

I was missing my childhood favorite : a Carvel Ice Cream Cake
I can't have the yummy cookie crumbs
and I would regret having the ice cream,
I made ice cream sandwiches.

We started with these ginger cookies.
Then we filled them with coconut ice cream.
The fun was a suggestion by google search.
In order to fill our sandwiches,
we took the pint of ice cream (yes, that's the only way it comes),
tipped the pint on it's side,
and sliced it.
It was perfect.
Then we just popped the cardboard off and sandwiched it between the cookies.
Pretty and practical.

Monday, May 9, 2016

For My Weekend Guest (and His Mom)

Last Sunday, we had a wedding shower after the evening service.
Cutesy - Easy finger foods were in order.
So I called on Google!

Up popped this recipe
How could it fail?
It had two of my favorite ingredients - cilantro and BACON!

I was called on to make it again this weekend,
and my weekend guest loved it too.

Bacon, Corn, and Jalapeno Bites

1 8-oz package bacon
2 c. fresh or frozen corn (thawed, if frozen)
2 jalapeno peppers, seeded and chopped (I only used one)
1 small red onion, finely chopped (I omitted)
1 c grape tomatoes, quartered
1 c fresh cilantro, coarsely chopped
Juice of 2 limes (4 TBSP)
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1 bag of scoop-shaped tortilla chips

Cook bacon and reserve 2 TBSP of drippings.
Chop bacon, add remaining ingredients and stir until combined.
Serve with "Scoops."