Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to school!

II Timothy 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth.

Well, those who are actually interested in this blog knew this was coming. Hubby went back to school on Thursday. Our new favorite line is "19 1/2 credits?!?" Yes, I have a determined and disciplined hubby. It will be a busy semester, but God is gracious. This semester, Chris starts Greek and we have already learned the alphabet together. He also has a Composition class, Hebrews and General Epistles, Major Prophet, Systematic Theology I, Intro to Mission, Financial Management, and Orientation along with the preacher boys class. I am so thankful that God has given both of us a love for learning and a desire to grow.

Hubby is not the only one studying anew. I started Violin lessons on Friday. I am so excited. About 2 years ago, my parents let me take my brother's violin so that I could learn to play while Chris was deployed. I taught myself some things, but was afraid of establishing bad habits, so I waited for some help and now have a teacher. Chris is waiting for a beautiful rendition of "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" or "Canon in D" He may have a little bit of a wait.

There is so much to learn out of the classroom as well. We have both been studying prayer and God's desires for a fruitful prayer life in His children. We long to see God work in our lives to make us tools fit for His service, to move in the hearts of the unsaved as we go door-to-door, and to heal families and our nation. We have seen our lack in earnestness, fervency, sincerity, and humility which are traits that God desires to see.

I was challenged yesterday about "Grace Giving." It is a blessing to hear messages that God uses to change me and to challenge me to stretch out of my comfort zone. I am thankful for those who have helped me in this area. Many have shared their tips for saving money, some have shared of their excess, others have shared the local discount stores and free deals at drug stores, many just exemplify joy in spite of difficult economic situations that is a rebuke to my oft complaining soul, still others show me how to reuse or make do with what I have (which is a whole lot). God is so good in ALL situations, not just during what I perceive as the good times.

BTW - the garden is now onto green beans - Yummy! The tomatoes are slowing down and it is finally cooling a little and the third planting of the year may go in this week. We will try the lettuce, spinach, kale, carrots, beets, and onions again and also add in some parsnips :) Once the beans are all in, we will also finish painting the house and also paint the shed.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Keepin' Busy and Local Fare

Sorry - haven't been here for awhile - been keeping busy this month. We had our trailer repaired this month. The bottom of the siding was shredding and water was able to leak in and would be rotting the floors before long (if it had not already started). The landlord put a large trim strip along the bottom of the siding, caulked, and then REPAINTED! I was so excited about the paint job. The exterior of the trailer was kind of a disappointment when we arrived, but it looks SO much better now. We bargained for the extra paint by agreeing to paint the front corner where the garden resides. We finished all but about a 4' x 4' square which won't be noticable until the pole beans fade away. When we finish that, we can use the extra paint to paint our new shed and everything will match.

I have also just finished making a bridesmaid's dress. It was a big undertaking, but I enjoy the challenge. I couldn't dwell on it too long because I only had about 8 days to finish it when I received the pattern and fabric!

The garden is taking quite a bit of time now. It seems that the tomatoes have gone CRAZY! It is fun to pick each day and to make tomato sauce to enjoy through the winter. Chris loves to come home to the smell of Italian - though he wishes he could have more of it now!

So what is up with the local fare? Yesterday, Chris had a surprise day off. We hit some local farmer's markets and finally decided to try hot boiled peanuts - cajun style. I am hooked! They are great. Need to google some recipes because I am sure that they are not hard to make. That is a southern treat I can enjoy. Still haven't tried the livermush, but maybe I will get up the nerve soon. Have some October beans (aka horticulture beans or cranberry beans) to try soon thanks to a farm coworker. We also picked up some blueberry cider for our anniversary celebration. Chris wants to grill our entire meal - steak, tomatoes, corn, and texas toast! What about dessert? Well in our explores yesterday, we found a Bruster's Ice Cream! We had tried this decadent treat twice in Virginia and were thrilled to find one within striking distance (closer than Friendlys). I think I will have some cheesecake ice cream ... or a mocha with chocolate ... or ...