Friday, February 26, 2010

Morning Blessing

Well, it is no longer morning - I have shopped, given piano lessons, taken a violin lesson, and am now waiting for hubby to finish his last class so that we can head for home.

This morning, I dropped hubby at school (no snow day here like my NY friends and family have been enjoying) and headed out to run an errand for hubby who is feeling a little under the weather.  I stopped into Ingles (a local grocery) to get some meds and then wandered back to the meat department.  As I walked up to the meat case, the worker was sputtering about all the reduced-price meat.  It seems that a worker ground WAY too much meat at 5:00 pm last night and they were forced to mark it ALL down.  Some packages were $5, some were $3.50.  I found 2 - 5+ pound packages that were marked at $5.  My target price is under $2 per pound, so this was OUTSTANDING!  So hubby's sickness becomes a blessing in disguise, though I am not sure if he will agree with me :)  Have I mentioned before that God is good ALL the time - in sickness or in health?

I have some decisions to make this week.  I was sent home from my lessons with 5 classical pieces and 5 sacred arrangements to consider for an upcoming violin recital (cue the nerves).  This should be fun ... (NOT!)

It is the weekend, y'all.  Very windy today.  Hope to set up the square foot garden and get some carrots and spinach planted this weekend.  Looking forward to another Lord's Day and fellowship with the family of God and food from the Word of God.  I hope you will be worshipping wherever the Lord has you this weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Always the Same

Psalm 102:27
But thou are the same,
and thy years shall have no end.

I don't know about you, but I am, well, ... an emotional roller coaster.  My hubby is a sweetheart for understanding my ever-changing emotions.  I am thankful that there is no change with my God.  He is always there, His standards are always the same, His comfort is real every day. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 love their husbands

Just got home from a little date with hubby.  We had a BOGO coupon for Cici's pizza so we went for dinner.  Cici's is not high class pizza, but they do have variety ... thin crust, thick crust, regular crust ... bbq pizza, taco pizza, mac and cheese pizza, alfredo pizza, ... and the boring pepperoni, sausage, cheese, ham and pineapple, supreme on an all-you-can-eat buffet with a salad bar.  We wandered Target and Walmart for a little bit on the way home and it was nice to be free of the school books for a little bit.

We now reach the point in the list of eight traits of a godly wife that seems, well, kind of basic.  Do women actually need to be taught to love their husbands.  Isn't that why we married in the first place?  I think that the problem is confusion about the needs of a husband.  I thought briefly about the "5 Love Languages" when I read this.  Often I have looked at families in crisis only to think that each member was trying to show love, but was not being understood by the other.  They might be serving the other, when the other really just wanted time.  They might be giving words of affirmation, when the other just wanted a small gift as a sign that they were thought of.  They might be giving time, when the other just wanted physical affection.  I think that it is best to practice all the "love languages" in a home and not just the ones that come easy to us.

In Created to Be His Helpmeet this chapter involved meeting all of the needs of the one that we were created to help. The author specifically promoted meeting a huband's physical needs and desires in this chapter ... without excuse.  Men are created differently than women and their needs are different.  These differences help men to lead, give men the desire to meet a struggle head-on - these differences should be celebrated, and not shunned each night.  It should be our goal as wives, that our husbands' needs are so completely met, that they are never tempted to look elsewhere or left in a weakened state where they cannot resist temptation.  Temptation is everywhere in this world - keep your hubby full and satisfied in all areas.  It may involve simplifying your daily routine, putting kids to bed earlier, waking up earlier, or just taking better care of yourself (proper food, rest, and exercise) so that you are more able to meet his needs.  It all involves looking past "my" needs and wants and looking on the needs of the one who chose me as his own.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Psalm 100:2

Serve the Lord with Gladness: ...

This verse always brings a smile to my face.  I remember listening to a students reciting Psalm 100 when I was a student teacher.  The children learned the Psalm simply by listening to their teachers and reciting it daily.  I guess we were not that clear in our enunciation because the student reached verse 2 and said "serve the Lord with GLASSES"  So funny ...

It is good to smile upon hearing that verse, because that is what it is about.  Everything that I do each day should be in service to my Lord.  He made me, and has chosen me to be a "keeper at home" right now and that is the job that I need to fulfill with joy and gladness.  I must admit that it is a choice today because I just don't feel like it.  ...but God is able to help.  Will I be faithful to my call today?  Will I serve with the right heart attitude?

How is your service today?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Peas are in!

So I did it.  My goal was to have peas in by February 19 and I only missed it by one day.  That is one full row of peas (24 feet of a double row).  About 160 plants of sugar snaps for hubby, who is already dreaming about beef and pea pods ... and about 80 plants of typical garden peas for my pea and potato soup.  We awoke to a warm beautiful rain this morning, so they should get off to a good start.  I wasn't sure if I would like the final appearance of my pea/bean trellis (since it is right in front of the house), but the end result was pleasing and I am excited about it.  The peppers, broccoli, and cabbage seedlings are doing well inside and I planted the cauliflower inside on Saturday as well.

Today holds a shopping trip.  We are out of many basics like milk, eggs, flour ... so I must get out.  One local store is holding a super double coupon sale, so I hope to snag some rare treats at good deals.  Then I will hit Walmart for the normal stuff, and a quick trip to CVS for some bargain tuna!  I am going back on the Prevention Diet plan, so I need to pick up some items that I just haven't kept on hand and lots more fruits and veggies.

Besides shopping, I will be making more English muffins and some waffles for breakfasts this week.  Hubby discovered that he likes his ham sandwhiches on English muffins and now that I am making them myself, he can enjoy them all he wants and it may cut down on the bread making!

A quick thank you to all of you who have left comments or emailed or called with encouragement about the blog.  It is a fun outlet for me and I hope it keeps you all "up" on my doings or encourages you to keep working hard in the place where God has you right now.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I LOVE LOWES ... or any garden, home supply store

It has been another busy week.  As I mentioned yesterday, I have been expanding a 30' by 18" garden plot that lines my walkway by another 18".  Now I have a 30' by 3' plot.  Hubby took the afternoon off to work on some home projects.  He first repaired a leaning clothesline ... tension on clay soil during a rain storm did not help that!  Next he built me some large frames in my new garden plot so that my beans can climb 6' this year.  I am SO Excited.  We also picked up some fertilizer and lime to start my soil off right.  It is good to be in the garden.  I love the smell of the damp earth and the promise of new life.

I will be busy again tomorrow with cleaning and garden preparation and then will be relaxing and meditating on our Lord on Sunday.  Have a great weekend, all!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Old Dirt

Psalm 24:1
The earth is the Lord's,
 and the fulness thereof;
the world, and they that dwell therein.

Today I am thankful that Spring is on the way and I am back in the dirt.  The front "tomato patch" is expanding another 1 1/2 feet and that patch will now be for peas and beans primarily.  I love being in the dirt ... though my hands are requesting a lot of lotion ... better go "feed" them.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Donut Day!

Will you humor me again?  It is donut day!  8 years ago was our first date and it was to a local bakery for donuts and coffee.  It included my brother and his family including 10 day old baby George :)  We will be celebrating today with of course ... a donut.  I imagine that hubby is glad that he chose donuts rather than a large seafood meal!

"That they may teach the young women to be sober ..." Titus 2:4

In Created to be His Helpmeet, we are now to the list of eight behaviors that should belong to all wives and mothers and that should be passed down from woman to woman.  The author defines to be sober in this way: "to do one's duty, be moderate, self-controlled, thoughtful, and to learn to make wise decisions and judgments."  When I married, my career changed drastically.  I was no longer living for myself or for a class full of students and their parents.  My career is now to please, serve, and care for my husband and my home.  I need to have the same dicipline in my home that I had in the classroom, desiring to be that best in my role that I can be.  Part of my job is to create a clean home, a peaceful "haven" that hubby loves to come home to, and meals that are healthy and pleasing.  To me, this chapter underscored self discipline.  I think that it is easy to get lax and lazy in my responsiblities in the home because there are few deadlines and little outside evalution or job performance ratings.  Hubby is very gracious and encouraging, but could I do more with the time that I have each day?  Hubby works hard ALL day at school or work and I should do no less in the home.  I think of the many times that I pushed through the day as a teacher because I "had" to be at school, but how many times do I take a day off in my home.  The author summarizes the chapter with these thoughts: "A good help meet establishes a haven of rest.  She will adjust to her husband's time schedule and eating habits.  She will relax and enjoy her family, instead of worrying and fretting."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Psalm 117
O Praise the LORD, all ye nations:
praise him, all ye people.
For his merciful kindness is great toward us:
and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever.
Praise ye the LORD.

Here is a whole Psalm today.  It was on the back of a valentine I received.  It made me smile because it was one of my students who was already learning about Bible versions and texts.  The verse was quoted from a faulty translation, so he had crossed out the verse and left the reference.  Good job, MICAH!

The Lord sent another "token for good" today!  Maybe I am just guilty of not looking for or acknowledging His good on most days.  Thank you Lord for the encouragement to keep going today!

Monday, February 15, 2010

It is a very windy day today.  We started with rain, but the wind has blown the clouds away and allowed the sun to shine through.  Most of the snow is gone again.  I am wondering if there will be anymore this season.  Three snows this winter has been exceptional ... and I LOVE IT!

Had a great weekend with my Valentine.  Of course, I always have a good time with my hubby.  We went shopping and had a little dinner on Friday night.  Our time was cut a little short by the snow, but I did find some sneakers to replace a dying pair with way too many miles and a 90% off sale at Bath and Body Works which meant I scored some body wash for $1.  Cool deal!

Saturday we went to the big city of Charlotte with some friends who introduced us to the Macaroni Grill.  We enjoyed watching the kitchen until we were seated and had a wonderful dinner ... EVERYTHING was delicious. 

Yesterday we enjoyed our time at church celebrating the love that God has for us ... it far surpasses any love we have here on earth. 

Counted this morning to discover that it is 4 weeks until spring break.  I am looking forward to that.  We are hoping that the bulk of the schoolwork will be done by then and we can have some more normal evenings again.  BTW - the English Muffins from Saturday turned out well ... I have a few tweaks for next go around (whch will be VERY soon) ... but they were much better than my last attempt.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Hearts Day!

Ah! It is Valentine's Weekend!  This is probably my favorite holiday.  Hubby thinks that that is odd, but I love to love, show love, and to be loved - who wouldn't?  I love the heart decorations - the sparkles - the sweet sentiments.  Even hubby is getting in on it ... he has been wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day all week :) 

Saturday morning - cleaning morning.  It is 9:45 and the trailer is clean and a batch of English muffins is about 1/2 done.  I did not go back to bed this morning when hubby left for the farm.  I guess I will have plenty of time to exercise, practice violin, and "primp" for a Valentine's Eve date.  The sunrise was beautiful on our freshly fallen snow this morning - this has been a tremendous winter ... it actually feels and looks like winter here in NC.  I think we got about 3-5 inches overnight!

Received my own "token for good" yesterday.  I had been very discouraged about my violin lessons.  My teacher turned to me yesterday at lessons and asked if I had played before starting lessons in September because I was progressing very quickly.  Wow!  A bit of encouragement to keep me going.  I am supposed to get my recital piece next week and will major on that!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and the Lord's Day!  Give God your love and devotion!

I John 4:19
We love him,
because he first loved us.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The little things

I am thankful for...

...the smell of laundry hung outside.
...cupboards - full and overflowing with provisions. extra minute with my hubby in the morning before school.
...a Scripture chorus running through my mind all day.
...a great deal at the local discount store. understanding ear.
...a hot cup of coffee on a cold day.
...a cold glass of sweet tea after working outside. and friends far and near who pray and encourage.
...the sunshine warming my favorite reading chair on a cold morning.
...the fellowship and exhortation of a Biblical local church.
...the feel and smell of earth as its prepared for a garden.
...the love of an Almighty God for a sinner like me.
...the smell of freshly cut grass.
...the beauty of freshly fallen snow.
...the appearance of the first seedling of spring.
...the Bible which teaches, instructs, reproves, and corrects. to do the things that need to be done each day.
...a hug that melts away the stress of the day.

Have a great day!

"In everything give thanks,
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus
concerning you."
I Thessalonians 5:18

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

It is my eighth anniversary today!  On Febrary 10, 2002, I was introduced to my future husband.  He had walked into the church that I attended about a month before and of course I was curious about this single sailor (he just figured that I was married), but it was not until this special Sunday night that we were finally introduced.  When I celebrate this anniversary, it always reminds me of the benefits of waiting for God's best.  Like many girls, I imagined myself falling in love in college and getting married soon after graduation.  That was not God's plan for me.  It was not until 5 years later that He would bring me my heart's desire.  It is easy to get impatient and I am the queen in that department, but "God always gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him."  Did you ever make a list of qualities that you were looking for in a future mate?  Yes, I did!  The funny thing is that I "wanted" a military man and a man in the ministry.  I guess I should have been looking for a Chaplain :)  God brought me a man in the military who within a year of marriage would have a heart to one day train for the ministry that God would show him. 

Chapter 14 of Created to Be His Helpmeet is entitled "Kings and Kingdoms."  The topic again is reverence for the "king" in your home.  Men were created to lead and all men have that opportunity to lead in their homes if no where else.  When I, as a wife, show proper reverence and love (not only in action, but in word and body language), my husband can rule with honor, with confidence and in turn with love for the ones who are encouraging him.  Though I respect my husband because he is a great leader, some wives must learn to respect the position and give reverence simply because it is the leader that God placed as head of their homes.  Elizabeth Elliot once wrote, "the very heart of reverence is extreme appreciation and profound thankfulness that this man, just as he is, has chosen to love me, just as I am."  I love that statement.  My husband CHOSE me out of all the women that he knew.  Wow!  He must think that I am pretty special and I can make myself more beautiful in my reverence and respect of him and his position.

I am excited to start the next study of 8 practical things from Titus 2 that God requires of a woman. 

Act like a queen today and think of some practical ways that you can encourage the king in your home today!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"A Token for Good"

It was a beautiful day yesterday.  I passed on the computer work and headed outside.  I finished turning over one of my small garden plots trying to get the leaves and compost mixed in well before the planting starts (in about 2 weeks).  I have to re-dig one of my plots because it was overrun with weeds.  That's not a lot of fun.  I have my "green house" started again with peppers, cabbage, and broccoli ...  the tomatoes and cauliflower will start by the end of the month!

... Today is a different story.  It is very gray with the promise of rain.  I plan to do some shopping this afternoon and then hit the computer and get creative (that is quite the task for me).  Typical morning exercise and violin practice coming after I finish writing.

Thinking on this verse recently:
Shew me a token for good; ...
because thou, LORD,
hast holpen me, and comforted me.
Psalm 86:17

I pray this verse often when I am discouraged or when my mind needs to be set on good things.  The verse reminds me to look around for those ways that the Lord is showing me His goodness each day.  They are there, large or small, to encourage me when I am down.  I saw one of those "tokens" this morning ... Are you seeing God's hand of goodness around you?  Open your eyes, because His goodness is all around us. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Greeting Another Week

Good morning, blog friends!  I love that it is getting brighter earlier each day.  I have had my hot rice cereal and a BIG cup of coffee this morning.  My third load of wash is spinning in the washer and waiting for time outside on a 50* sunny day!  I just love bright days.  I am hoping that hubby wants to take a nice long walk this afternoon.  The snow is gone except for a few little "blobs" here and there that used to be cheery snow men.  The ground is slowly drying out.

Had a good weekend.  Saturday was a little on the dreary side, but I accomplished much in the house.  Sunday was a good day in the Lord's house with preaching on recognizing our citizenship in the Kingdom of God.  There is so much stirring around us that is distressing (the direction of our nation, growing apostasy in the church, indifference in society toward the things of God), but I must remember that "this world is not my home, I'm just a passin' through."  Did miss having hubby at church with me last night - he finally fell to a bad cold or the flu and did not want to pass anything to the other families in the church.

The lemon bars I planned to make Saturday night turned out well, though hubby preferred the whole wheat m&m cookies that I had baked already.  Actually, neither of us are overly fond of lemon - but the change just sounded good to me.  Have also been experimenting with my sweet tea.  I have been mixing sweet tea with pomegranate-cranberry juice ... YUMMY!  I like the little "kick" it adds.

Laundry today and then remake beds.  Going to plant some seeds inside as well.  Need to make bread, though it will be a little more "white" than I like because my bag of wheat flour is almost empty.  Need to mend another tie and hope to start making some worksheets/take-home papers for some Sunday School classes.  First one more load of wash on the line, a good workout, clean-up, and some violin practice.

Stay industrious in your realm today ... I have plenty to keep me busy, just have to stay disciplined to get it all done.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just Drippy

This week, I have felt slightly like I have been back in the Pacific Northwest starting with an icy, slushy weekend and ending with rain upon rain upon rain.  The ground is just like a sponge and I am hoping for a beautiful week to dry out my garden spot so that it will be workable by the middle of this month - feels like wishful thinking right now.  At any rate, I will plant some seeds indoors at the beginning of next week and I look forward to watching the new life and enjoying the excitement of gardening again.

I am waiting on hubby to come home from work at the farm, he will be cold and WET!  It is days like this that he wishes he were working at a local fast food restaurant to supplement through school.  Dinner is in the crockpot - Chicken and Broccoli that we will serve over whole wheat noodles.  The house is clean and laundry mostly caught up.  It has been a bad week for drying, as I am trying not to use the dryer and only so many articles fit on the small drying rack at a time :)  Maybe I need to prepare a special dessert ... better get to it ... the latest Prevention magazine had a recipe for reduced calorie lemon bars that looked intriguing ... might try that.

Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!  Rest and keep your focus on God.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Proverbs 22:31
The horse is prepared against the day of battle:
but safety is of the Lord.

I am thankful that the Lord has given us safety this week.  The Bible shows that we need to be wise, that we need to prepare for situations, but ultimately our safety is in the Lord's hands.  We have had some terrible downpours the past two weeks, have had some days of icy roads, and their have been a few mishaps at hubby's work that could have been worse than they were - I am thankful for God's protective hand.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"The Great Mystery"

It is "Womans Work Wednesday!"  I have hubby's work clothes in the washer and 2 additional piles of laundry awaiting their turn.  It is supposed to be sunny and mild, so I want to take advantage of the chance to hang things outside.  Church supper tonight, so I will be cooking up some homemade turkey soup - YUMMY!  Yesterday saw many accomplishments.  I got through my mending pile - 2 coats, 5 skirts, 2 ties, and a sweater ... Why do I wait so long?  At my brother's constant mention of homemade bagels, I attempted some on my own and they turned out very well (and were fun to make)!  Then I finished the taxes and e-filed last night - Until next January ...  Oh!  and I am learning a new position on the violin ... must keep plugging away.

Chapter 13 in Created to be His Helpmeet is entitled "The Great Mystery."

Ephesians 5:32-33
This is a great mystery:
but I speak concerning Christ and the church.
Nevertheless let every one of you in particular
so love his wife even as himself;
and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

This has been mentioned before, but my marriage relationship was designed to be a model of Christ's relationship to the church.  WOW!  How many people would want a relationship with Christ if they saw my home and marriage?  Is this why the church is not growing, why our soul-winning efforts are in vain?  Perhaps it is not just "our culture" but it is our disobedience to God and our poor example of His great love for us.  Am I obeying my husband?  Submitting to his desires?  Reverencing him by treating him with regard in ALL situations?

Ponder these quotes: "God entrusted to a man and his wife the opportunity, as a married couple, to be a living picure of this great mystery." (p. 127)  "A good marriage is good because one or both of them have learned to overlook the other's faults, to love the other as they are and to not attempt to change them or bring them to repentance." (p. 128)  "In today's churches, many women have failed to win their husbands because they have tried to be evangelists instead of wives." (p. 131)  "It is amazing how vulnerable a man is when a woman treats him with honor." (p. 133)

The commands in a marriage are very cyclical.  The husband is to love, the wife is to reverence and submit.  When my hubby shows me love, I can't help but submit and reverence.  When I show proper submission and reverence, he can't help but love.  A marriage can be transformed if one member decides to follow GOD"S PLAN for marriage.  Why not start with the person you see in the mirror?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whom else would I trust in?

Psalm 73:25, 26, 28

Whom have I in heaven but thee?
and there is none upon earth
that I desire beside thee.

My flesh and my heart faileth:
but God is the strength of my heart,
and my portion for ever.

But it is good for me to draw near to God:
I have put my trust in the Lord God,
that I may declare all thy works.

My strength comes from the Lord. 
The seeming difficulties of life only draw me closer to Him. 
His power in my life is a testimony to the doubting world around me.

Weather Update:  The inclement weather avoided us last night and this morning.  There is still some "slush" in the forecast for later today, Thursday, and Friday.  Maybe "Phil" is right, we have some more winter on the way!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Little Get-A-Way

Well, I am back after missing blogging for a week.  I feel more refreshed this week.  As I type at the dining room table, I look out our large sliding glass door and think that perhaps I am "on location" this week.  I sit with a large mug of coffee and look out upon a winter wonderlad.  There is even a faint, sparkly flurry in the air.  I am waiting for the flurries to end, so I can get my linens hung outside. 

On Friday and Saturday, NC got an abnormal snow and ice storm.  I would guess that we received about 6 inches of snow which was then covered with a layer of freezing rain.  Hubby had to miss work on Saturday.  We took our daily 4-5 mile walk down the middle of the streets which were covered with an inch or more of ice.  Services were cancelled at church yesterday.  When we went for a walk, the roads were clearing and the shoulders were getting slushy.  The temps are supposed to reach 49* today, so the melting should continue.  The forecast?  Freezing rainy tonight and tomorrow morning? 

It was nice to have 2 days with no pressing needs and no pressure to "go."  We enjoyed some internet messages yesterday.  One thought primarily stuck with me.  Psalm 119:126 "It is time for thee LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law."  The preceding verses speak of a servant of the Lord that knows and obeys the Word.  Though things around him are dismal and evil mounts, he focuses not on the evil, but on His reationship with God and leaves the difficulties in God's hands. 

Despite the cold weather, I made a seed order last week and planned out my square foot garden.  I am looking forward to a good year and this year I have the ability to can our surplus thanks to a generous Christmas gift of a pressure canner!  I will be starting some plants from seeds this week or early next week - broccoli, cabbage, peppers, and cauliflower!  All but the peppers will be a first this year. 

The flurries are abating and the sun is breaking through ... time to get the laundry outside and then a pile of dress shirts awaits the ironing board.  Have a great day, y'all!