Thursday, June 28, 2018

Those Who Challenge

On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for those who challenge.
My pastor's daughter (and wife) recommended a book to me a while back.
I recently purchased it for our travels
(because reading aloud helps the time to pass
and keeps our tongues in control).

The book is
Small Acts of Grace

The book has been a real challenge to me to really look for ways to encourage ...
to act when I see those needs ...
and to look beyond a need to see that everyone needs encouragement.
Perhaps the biggest challenge so far was the author's reminder to remember needs
beyond the "urgent" moment.
So often I meet a need, I pray, I encourage while the need is "great,"
but when the need becomes the everyday mundane, I have ashamedly moved on.

While it is written to women, my hubby has also been challenged
and our guest this week has enjoyed the book too.

I am thankful for the ladies who recommended the book.
And I am thankful for the author who spent the time to write.

(Disclaimer:  Mrs. Gray does not use the KJV when she quotes scripture
and would attend more liberal churches than I would promote or encourage)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Not Obsolete

It's been awhile since the sewing supplies came out of the closet.
I suppose it was last December when I sewed some work skirts.
Sure an occasional mend job,
a new throw pillow cover,
Sometimes, I wondered if I was done with the sewing and sewing requests.

But the supplies are out this week.
Two jumpers in the books complete with modifications ...
and 2 dresses to go ...

And then,
some travel pillows ...

Oh ... and maybe a field trip to Hobby Lobby ... what fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

In remembrance of gluten ...

We have been on vacation for a little more than one half of a week.
Currently, we are sharing in what we are calling a "Senior Trip."
While in a little touristy town,
we came across these.

I must have looked a bit too wistfully,
and hubby bought them for me.

Apple filled ...
Strawberry glazed ...
original glazed ...
blueberry cake ...
and chocolate sprinkle.

The consensus in the house is that the blueberry cake is closest to a real doughnut flavor.
I have enjoyed my walk down memory lane,
until Dunkin Donuts decides to make some gluten-free treats.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Don't Forget the Brides

June is typically the most popular wedding month.
This year it seems that May was more popular among the people that we know.

The wedding day is so exciting.
I enjoy seeing the excited bride in the dress of her choosing.
I like to watch the grooms expression as the bride enters.
I like to hear what music the couple choose (usually).
I like to see the "unity" object (not just a candle anymore).
The dresses, the colors, the flowers, the vows ...
The day is just exciting.
Weeks later, I enjoy seeing the pictures.

Off the couple goes.
There is wedding travel.
There is a new residence to turn into a home.
There are presents to unpack and thank you notes to write.

And then, we are on to the next thing ...
and the bride ...
she has entered a new world.
Perhaps she has left the hustle of college,
the bustle of the work environment,
maybe she has chosen to be a stay-at-home wife ...
and it is quiet and sometimes lonely.

Perhaps you are a "seasoned" wife and have forgotten those days,
but can I encourage to look for that "forgotten" bride?
Maybe she has asked if she can help and you don't want to "bother" her.
Invite her over to help even if you don't need the help.
Invite her to do an activity with your children.
See if she would like to join you on an outing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Back to the Bench

This week, I am humming and singing one of my favorite hymns.
When hubby was leading hymns regularly,
this hymn was in the "oft-repeated" file.

On Sunday,
I returned to the piano bench after nearly 6 months of rest.
I was excited, but, there were also some nerves.
I was quickly set at ease when the first hymn chosen was ...
"Come Thou Fount."

God once again showed that He cares for every aspect of my life.
He met a need and calmed my nerves with one hymn.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday Forum: As The Temperature Rises

While not at its worst,
the temperature is rising here in NC.
With that comes the desire for different meals.

We don't desire hot soup,
heavy pasta meals and casseroles.

I have begun to use the "summer" recipes again.
We have a lot of grilled veggie sandwiches,
Mediterranean grilled chicken salads,
turkey burgers,
salmon patties,
various pizza varieties,
fish with rice and veggies ...

But I feel like I am in a rut ...
uninspired for the summer season...

What's on your summer menu?
Help spur my creativity again!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Not a Recipe

Typically, I post a recipe on Monday,
but I have not been using many new recipes recently.
We have been using the "tried and true."
But as I thought of recipes to share,
I thought of how I really am not a phenomenal cook.
I usually put my heart into it,
but it will never be Culinary Institute of America good ...
it won't be the "good" of the seasoned mom in the church who needs no recipe...
but daily, I feel like I am a great cook ...
Because I have a husband who encourages me.
He loves food, particularly healthy food.
Though the food may not always be what our taste buds would gravitate to,
he praises the health value,
the time researching,
the extra time to prepare minimally processed food.

Encouraging words can lift folks up.
Encouraging words can change the outlook of a day.

I was recently thinking of this as I thought of changes in life that a friend is facing.
She is in a rough time ...
some loneliness,
finding new expectations;
and she needs encouragement.

Is there someone in your home who needs encouragement?
Is there a friend who needs encouragement?
Maybe you will look around Walmart and encourage a stranger.

It doesn't take money,
just a little time and effort to see the need and to meet the need.

Monday, May 28, 2018


If you prayed with us about the avocados and the guacomole for Saturday's wedding - 
We had 50 avocados and they were near to perfect.
One was a little hard, but there were no "rocks" and no rotting ones.

I bought 30 hard avocados on Tuesday.
Then I bought 20 more on Wednesday.
By Friday, I had to remove them from the basket because they were really
making heat (literally) and ripening well.

In the end, we probably could have done with 40 avocados,
but better safe then sorry.

The guac went together well,
transported well,
and still looked bright green at the reception.

The final recipe was ...

8 avocados
1 TBSP lime juice
1 tsp garlic salt

48 avocados
6 TBSP lime juice
6 tsp garlic salt

Now you know it - 
if you ever make guac for the masses.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mother's Day Support

We have just come through Mother's Day weekend
and another birthday.
While the days are celebratory,
they also come with  a little heartache.
These are days that remind me that time is passing
and it has not been God's plan and design to give us children.

God has sent many along the path to shore us up.
4 out of 7 of our past pastor's wives have walked the road.
It was always a blessing to have at least one understanding look on the hard days
and to have sensitivity from the pulpit.

But this year, God sent even more.
He sent two ladies who had not just walked the road,
but were still walking the road.
They could truly walk beside me.
Isn't that a blessing?
We were even invited to share Mother's Day lunch with one of the families.

On this Thankful Thursday,
I am thankful for those ladies
and all of the ladies who encourage me
who walk with me
who remind me of the other joys of life
who can share truly empathetic tears.

Monday, May 21, 2018


Sometimes there is no choice but to recharge.
I have had an absence on the blog because I have been absent from health.
Two weeks ago, I got a sore throat,
that became laryngitis,
that came with some feverish days,
that left a nagging cough that liked to hit in the middle of the night.

So for one week, I had no choice but to recharge.
I literally did very little but make the bed,
get meals together,
and rest.

Sometimes the body just needs rest.

There is still an occasional "tickle" in my throat,
but all in all I am glad to be "back in the saddle" again.