Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pounding the Pavement ... Again -- No Joke

While I had not stopped my exercise and healthy eating plans, my schedule had been less than stellar or routine.  So - I am back to the "wake up and hop in the sweats" routine.  Hubby is helping me with getting out of the cozy bed at 5:15 so I can be working out by 5:30 - I call it the need for "tough love."  This week went well (except for the rain that kept me inside 2 mornings) ... two cardio workouts inside, two strength workouts, and a 1.2 mile walk followed by a 1.5 mile run with hubby this morning.  Though I hate the morning part ... I have to admit that my days have been much more profitable and I am definitely ready for bed when hubby calls it quits for the day.

My God is a God of order and it makes since that my days and health will be better when I seek to be a person who follows order and design.  God has been working much on my heart in this area since I started cleaning and "purging" the house.  Order ... Simplicity ... Routine ... Time Management.  AAHH!  The slightly pared-down and simplified house is staying more orderly and is definitely easier to clean.  I still have one room left - deadline is 4/24 when it is needed for some guests!  I am just waiting on the storage of 4-5 boxes of items for a garage sale or ebay sale.