Monday, April 27, 2009

Gardening and Other Events

Well, it has been awhile since I posted ... oops! I will claim the busy-ness of the Spring. There are only 2 weeks left of the semester and 1 of those weeks is just finals. "Just" finals comes from the one who doesn't have to take them. I think that only 1 of them will require a lot of time and study.

The garden is producing. We have had radishes and I finally got the strings for the peas to climb before they attacked the rest of the garden. It is looking really good. Chris brought home halved iodine containers from the farm and then a load of dirt/manure to fill them. They now contain pumpkins, watermelons, and winter squash. I was still desiring more area to work - so we peeled off the grass right beside the walkway and then around the back porch. This will allow areas for flowers!

The next project around here is a clothes line. It will be a big help with the electric bill and there is just something about clothes drying in the sunshine.

Looks like it will be a busy summer for Chris. His boss asked him to continue working Saturdays and hinted that a 6 day work week would probably be the usual. So far the allergies are not killing him, so we will press on. We are using a daily nasal wash, quercetin pills, an occasional Alavert, and masks while working on the farm!

Also taking on a new ministry as the school year concludes. Our church currently has nothing for the teens, so we are going to attempt a teen Sunday School class. We did this in Albany, but it has been awhile. We are looking forward to another opportunity to be involved in the lives of others.

3 more piano students come on this summer. Two are just summer - they are really beyond my ability to teach, but I will at least keep them motivated through the summer. The other is a new student wife in the trailer park.

Hopefully that catches everyone up. The summer weather is here and we are learning how to keep a trailer sitting in the middle of a field cool in the summer. It is a little work and sometimes a futile effort - I am sure that the AC will get some work very soon.