Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Practice What He Preaches

No, I didn't choose the wrong pronoun.
Usually I do have to practice what I preach,
 but in this case,
I have been giving hubby a hard time.

While I was working in the Prophet's Chamber at church,
I was listening to many of the Sunday School lessons
that I miss because I am teaching in a different classroom.
Many times throughout the series that hubby was preaching,
he preached on hospitality and practical showing of Christian love.

I have been teasing him
and asking if he could't preach on some things that I am good at or comfortable with.
It's similar to when you pray for patience and you are given many opportunities to practice it.

It seems that it has been 2 months of practicing hospitality.
I don't want hubby to be seen as a hypocrite,
so I must practice what HE preaches.
And in all honesty ... it is proper and right to do so anyway.

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