Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Friday Forum: The Tuesday Edition

At the end of this week,
I get to wrap up the church project.

The prophet's chamber rooms have been repainted
along with the hall and kitchen.

New carpet and tile will be finished by Thursday.

I will spend some time Friday reassembling the rooms with some new bedding,
new curtains, and a few new decorations.

I have tried to add some things that make the stay more pleasant
including a luggage rack in each room (so you don't have to search through your bag on the floor).

So here is the question:

What makes a guest room comfortable and welcoming to you?
What have you experienced that made a trip special?

For me, scents are a big thing.
We once stayed in a B&B that had Lavender/Chamomile Plug-ins.
It was such a pleasant smell and has become a go-to scent in my own home.

Dream big ...
It may not be used immediately, but it may keep the wheels of my mind turning.


  1. I have a towel rack in each of my guest rooms. It is on the wall behind the door. Of course I have one in the bathroom as well, but when there are numerous guests, they like having their towels separate from the group. When they can hang them in their rooms, then they are not hanging them over the shower bar!

    1. That is a great idea and beneficial when all of the towels look alike.

  2. Perhaps you could add a pretty journal for the guests to record their thoughts/encouragement regarding their stay in your chamber. We once stayed in a lovely B&B room and enjoyed reading the entries in one, then added ours.

    1. Oh - I love to read those little journals as well. I think that there may be one already in the room, but I think it has been hidden in a drawer. If I can't find it ... it is on the list :)

  3. A basket with a bottle of water,tissues,rolaids,tylenol,ear plugs, hand lotion, and lip balm are all things bedside that can keep a guest comfy. There is nothing worse than a late night headache or stomach pain and not wanting to wake your host to ask for help,suffer all night!
    Your blogs challenge and encourage..thanks!

    1. Water - check, tissues - check, hand lotion - check ... The Rolaids and Tylenol are definitely going to be put in the rooms ... I didn't think of these because I am not much of a medicine person, but travel is always the time when my tummy acts up or I am not feeling well because of a change in schedule or eating. Thanks for the great suggestion.