Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Transforming of a Mind

It is time for another Tuesday Transformation.
I should have taken pictures of the kitchen transformation at church,
but I keep forgetting the camera when I head over there.
Maybe next Tuesday, I can share those with you.
We will have our first fellowship meal this weekend
and I hope the church family will enjoy the transformation.

But today,
I will talk about a change of mind.
I have been battling loneliness recently.
I enjoy peace and quiet,
but sometimes 10 hours a day is a bit rough.
Recently, I have missed some days for piano lessons,
and many of the folks at church have seemed busy or preoccupied.

When I explained the need to hubby,
of course, he understood - 
even with his work companions,
he gets lonely too.

He hurt for me and was even ready to send me off to work
so that I could interact with others.

Here is where the transformation comes.
I knew that I should not be tied down to a job.
We had settled our convictions in this area years ago.
There are many ministries that in the home and church
that require my flexible schedule.
So ... I thought of a solution, I swallowed my pride, I left my comfort zone.
I told hubby that I would invite myself over to the homes of ladies in the church.
One each week.
I had my first visit today.
Three hours flew by ...
I think that not only did she meet my need,
but I met a need in my hostess' life that I did not know existed - 
she craved companionship too.

I don't know if each visit will meet 2 needs,
but for today,
I am encouraged to keep stretching outside of my comfort zone.

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  1. so glad you are stepping out of your comfort zone and visiting people. It will not only enrich your life, Sandra, but you will find that most people love having someone spend time with them and they will act like you have given them precious treasure! When Don is away or working very long hours, I often think, "who would like a visit from me?! :)" I often visit the older people in our church and they are so appreciative. I am sure you will find the same!