Monday, April 25, 2016

What Would It Take?

I have mentioned many times that I have a "secret" weapon - 
an extreme help in being disciplined and balanced - 
it is my hubby.

Throughout my life, I have watched people struggle to do what is best for them.
Some have fought doctor's orders.
Some have fought well meaning family members.
Would you give up salt for your health?
red meat?
canned foods?
Would you restrict calories to be a proper weight?

You will see many allergy friendly recipes on this blog.
Some of our friends and even some family members
think that we are following a trend
or being unreasonable,
but the real reason is ... 
we want to give our body the proper fuel.

In my search to reverse infertility,
we have given up many foods.
While not getting the "prize" I might have sought,
both hubby and I have learned to listen to our bodies.

The gluten free life has made me less emotional.
Less dairy has improved our digestion immensely.
Cutting highly processed foods and red meat has ended hubby's fruit allergy.
Limiting sugar has improved my skin and general well-being.

While there are times when the restricted diet is a nuisance,
the feeling of good health is tremendous
and the consequences of giving our body things that it doesn't thrive on are not worth it.

I also must add that there is nothing wrong with gluten, dairy, red meat ...
if your body tolerates it.
Just be sensitive.

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