Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Only One Job

I Fail ... God is gracious.

It is the story of my life.
Can anyone else relate?

My head knows that my most important job is in my home.
Creating a clean, healthy home ...
making healthy, balanced meals ...
doing everything I can to be able to be spend time with hubby when he is home.

During the past three weeks,
I tried to do two jobs.
I tried to work at church for about 30 hours,
teach lessons for about 5 hours,
and keep up with my full-time work in the home and yard.

It didn't work.
This "must-have-low-stress" girl had a health crash.
Yes, God gently reminded me.
"You can try to do it all, but I did not create you to do it all."
The extreme fatigue and depression returned.

So this week,
I have returned to my one job
and renewed and refreshed.
I am still healing, but am on my way ...
with the reminder to be content with the path God has for me.

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