Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kitchen Reveal

Finally ...
The pictures of the updated church kitchen.

What a difference some paint,
some trash removal,
and some splashes of color make.

The old curtains were black and white.  
A little bit blah - and definitely needed updating.
Green - life!
We added the curtains at the egress with magnetic rods
 so that guests could shut them while up later into the night.

A reminder for all.
I love to have verses in every room.

We had no art work before.
So with some fabric - some ribbon - and some herb pictures ...
instant art work.

Our welcome basket in the kitchen as well as the "in case you forgot it basket."
Thank you for all of your great ideas!


Usually at our church dinners, the utensils were put out in plastic shoe boxes.
I decided to update as well as take less space.
So - little painted flower pots.

Our next guests will be here at the end of next week.

And this week, I need to plan some decorations and snacks for a graduation/wedding shower.
Fun, fun, fun.

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