Monday, January 11, 2016

Smashed Potatoes and Smashburger

I love all things potatoes.
Mashed, fried, baked, french fried ... chips ...
We try to avoid the deep fryer,
but I keep trying the oven baked fries.
Sometimes they turn out well,
other times soggy, or burnt, or ...

Last week,
I tried smashed potatoes instead of fries.
They were described as soft on the inside and crispy on the outside ...
and the recipe didn't fail.
They also were easier then making shoestrings or wedges.

I used Red Potatoes.
I cooked my chosen, unpeeled, unchopped potatoes.
Boiled until soft (as if preparing to mash).
Drained and cooled.
Placed on foiled pan.
Smashed with waxed paper and hand.
Drizzled with oil.
Sprinkled with salt.
Baked 40 minutes at 450* turning once.

They turned out great.

On Saturday night,
hubby took me to the big city of Charlotte.
We had been given some Costco cash and we enjoyed a little shopping date.
Then we tried Smashburger.
It was good - of course too pricey - 
but a special treat and a fun night.


  1. I echo the first line of your post! Mom made smashed potatoes once, but I do not remember them. Maybe we'll have to some time soon! Red potatoes are also my favorite type of potato.

    1. The smashed potatoes could be made with any potato ... but I like red potatoes best too. They also are usually a little smaller to make the portions right.