Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Better Fit

For the best 2-3 years hubby and I have skipped putting up a tree.
We love real trees,
but they are costly and they take up a lot of space in a small trailer.

Last year, we found the perfect artificial tree. 
It was slim,
it had lots of space in between the branches for ornaments.
We went to the store after Christmas hoping for 50-70% off.
As we walked in the store,
the floor model was walking out :(

When the 40% off coupon came in September,
hubby insisted that I order "our" tree.

Our little tree is usually in our pine themed bedroom - 
Decorated with hearts and love notes.
I love the twinkly lights all year round.

I moved it into the Living Room yesterday.
Still decorated with red hearts (a gift from my great grandma more than 35 years ago) - 
decorated with glittered pine cones - 
decorated with the names of Jesus.

The ornaments are made from 5 gallon paint sticks (we got 28 ornaments from 7 sticks).
Check out the tutorial here.

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