Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter Welcome

The yard and gardens are cleaned.
Garden beds are covered with mulched leaves.
Annuals have been pulled.
Perenniels have been trimmed back.

There is a relief in having a few months off,
but there is an emptiness in the entry to our home.

Pinterest to the rescue.

Enter Mason Jar Lanterns.

My shepherd's hook stood very empty.
There were solar light options,
but mason jars were free
and votives cheap.

We used mason jars (actually most are almond butter jars),
a good length of thick jewelry wire,
some decorative sand and epson salt,
votive candles.

Very cute change.
We light them and enjoy the warm glow as we share a warm drink on the porch on our date nights.

And if we know that you are coming over on a winter evening,
we will light them as a winter welcome for you.


  1. Sounds like an invitation... We might just come and see them on Dec 22.

    1. Let me know the details when you finalize them.

  2. I would love to come and visit, to be greeted by those warm lights and enjoy a warm drink on the porch! Are you ever coming to Poughkeepsie?? You could come see the new house!

    1. It is hard to make it to Poughkeepsie with family begging visits from Oregon, Montana, western NY, central NY, and IN. New house? yours?

    2. yes, ours! I owe you a long email ( if you send me your email address) or a long phone call or a long letter to bring you up to speed on the life in the beer family! don is building me a house! Garrett is getting married a week from this sunday out in ohio!