Thursday, December 17, 2015

An Open Letter of Thanks

Dear dad and mom,

It is true that the older I get the more I appreciate all that you have done for me.

I was blessed to be raised in a home without want.
Thank you for not giving us everything we wanted.
Thank you for teaching me to squeeze out every drop of toothpaste
and for teaching me to drain the old ketchup into the new bottle.
Thank you for teaching me to take care of my clothes and my toys and belongings.
Thank you for teaching me that debt is bad
and the value of saving for large purchases.
Thank you for making me pay and work for my advanced education.

Thank you for investing much time and money into music lessons: piano, organ, flute.
Those lessons are a help in my ministry and will hopefully be a blessing in churches 
around the nation and maybe even the world through my students.

Thank you for your faithfulness in caring for my grandparents.
The work is hard, discouraging, and often thankless,
but you do it graciously and are a positive example.

Thank you for encouraging my marriage and home.
From the beginning, you recognized my hubby as my new leader.
Thank you for understanding the difficult balance between family visits in the east and in the west.

Thank you for your example of hospitality.
From college groups, missionaries, and church families ...
thank you for making entertaining common place and low stress.

Thank you for not running to doctor with each sniffle and fever.
Thank you for making "sick days" undesirable and rare.
Thank you for doing your best to understand food allergies
without making us feel like a burden or an additional struggle.

Thank you for encouraging me to think for myself,
to be independent, to push myself.
From leaving me in FL, to pushing me to meet state standards in High School,
to insisting that I stick with music lessons and stressful performances.
The character you taught is a benefit to me today.

Thank you for your involvement in the local church.
Your involvement showed me many "behind the scenes" ministries
that need attention or additional workers.

Thank you for a slightly more than basic education in cars and their workings.
Thank you for teaching me to drive standard.
Thank you for teaching me to listen for the different noises that might save a big repair bill.

I know that I do not thank you enough,
but I definitely think it much.

I hope that my note will encourage other parents
to stay the course,
to teach by example,
to demand more.

I love you both.
Merry Christmas!
Thank you!

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  1. What a beautiful letter and tribute to your parents! They have been great models to me and my family, as have all of their kids! I have learned so much from them!