Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Another Puzzle Piece

The transformations are not limited to our physical home.
For years, it seems as though we have been "tweaking" things
trying to improve my health without doctors and meds.
The Lord has allowed us to find herbs, diets, and exercise that have done wonders.

Recently, hubby made comment that sometimes during the night, I stop breathing for a time.
He also observed that it was only while I was on my back.
So, I promptly urged him to please push me over when he noticed it
and researched the problem.

With research,
I found that I could probably fix my problem with a tennis ball sewn in my PJs,
with a special "bumper belt,"
or with a special pillow.
I opted for the pillow that keeps me on my side.

I am now waking much more refreshed and less "foggy."
My morning series of about 30 sneezes has ended
and we are waiting to see if there are more positive results.

The moral of the story is that breathing is GOOD!
Not breathing is BAD!

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