Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Almost ...

Spring is just about here ...
I have been in the garden and turned it over twice.
After nearly 7 years, the soil is actually starting to look like soil.
My veggie seeds should be here this week, maybe even tomorrow.
Peas and spinach will go in as soon as they arrive (if it is not raining).
I call the garden my natural "anti-depressant."
Even without the plants, just the digging and playing in the dirt is such a "pick-me-up."

The past two days have been BEAUTIFUL!
Windows wide open,
Breeze blowing,
Clean air,
Daffodils showing their colors for a short while.

Along with that comes the need to mow,
I have my first mow slated for Friday afternoon, if I remember to get the gas for the mower.
I love the extra exercise and the definite reason to be outside.

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