Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Making the Points Pretty

I am no artist.
I am not craftsy.
I really don't even have much of an eye for those things.

But I do like pretty things.
I like to practice and improve.
I like to be practical.

Recently, I read a blog post that mentioned that the writer was trying to work on her hand lettering.
She would choose a phrase, a word, a saying each day and write it in "pretty" hand lettering.
Another day, I heard a person mention  picking something out of his Bible reading - 
one thought to think on all day ... one particular point to remember.

Both of these ideas grabbed me.
Why couldn't I choose a verse or thought each day and hand letter it?
Of course I could.
I have pretty, empty journals everywhere.
Why not fill them with decorative verses that inspire and encourage me?

It has been a blessing to me.
I can dwell on the thought while writing it.
I can quickly find it again.
I can reread it through the week.
I have taken to duplicating the verses in greeting cards and notes that I send.

While I am no Picasso,
I enjoy the effort and imagine that with time,
I will show some improvement.
And during the efforts, my mind is on profitable things.

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