Thursday, February 26, 2015

Woman's Work Wednesday - the Thursday Edition

Well, I missed my Wednesday post,
but all for a good cause.
I finished the edits on the Romans commentary yesterday.

I also began formatting the ebook which should be available by the end of today.
So while I did not post,
I was busy with my "woman's work" - helping hubby publish.

And now on to the Thursday work - an ebook, a bulletin, and a Sunday School worksheet.

If we sent you the Bible study on Malachi and you would like to add Romans to your collection,
let us know.  We have already ordered a number at our discounted price.
If the last book was not a help, or your life is just too crazy, don't feel bad.


  1. We would love to add Romans to our collection. Austin's comment was "There's another one out?" He already knew we were going to get it, and he was excited to have another one to read. Me too. We would buy through you or through the website (depending on how works best for you)
    My life is crazy, but that shouldn't make a big difference here. :)

    1. Our shipment arrives on Tuesday and we will ship one onto to the family - very encouraged that Austin is reading them too - that takes character. The uncle finishes preaching Daniel in 1 week and then we have a new book to start ... that one has some exciting history ... the church has been spell bound the past few weeks.