Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SAHW: Reason 6

I am a home body.
I have not always been so,
but I have learned to love my home.

I love being a SAHW,
because I can be in my home.
I can make my home a special place.
I can create a place that is open to others.
I can feel ready (most of the time) to entertain at the spur of the moment.
I can deep clean often.
The piles do not get too large.

I know that there are many women who seem to balance it all,
but I am convinced that I would be imbalanced if I worked outside of the home.
Hubby would end up cleaning more,
washing more dishes,
ironing his own clothes, ...

This week I decorated for V-Day.
There are hearts in each window.
Heart "mistletoe" in the kitchen and dining room.

Window clings on many of the mirrors.
I am planning a special afternoon and evening with my sweetheart.

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