Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Weather Event

The teacher in me always gets excited about a winter weather event.
They are more special in the south because of their rarity.
I am listening to the wintry mix outside and wondering ...
... will hubby have a few extra hours tomorrow?
... a whole extra day?

It was a chilly day,
so I decided to dress up the leftovers for dinner with a fresh baked loaf of bread.
I have not made a yeast bread in a long while.
The Paleo Mom came through with a no nut paleo yeast bread.
It was good hot out of the oven (I gave up dessert to have a second piece).
We'll see if tomorrow it tastes as good
and what the texture will be like.
Will it only make toast?
Will it be soft enough for sandwiches?
If we have a "snow day," maybe we'll have soup and sandwiches.

This weeks menu:
Sunday:  Italian Pork
Monday:  Leftover Italian Pork
Tuesday: BBQ Chicken / Sweet Potato / Coleslaw
Wednesday: Veggetti with Meat Sauce
Thursday:  Enchiladas
Friday: Tilapia
Saturday: Chef Salad

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