Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Every Little Rememberance

Do you celebrate life's small anniversaries?
I definitely do and today is one!
13 years ago tonight, I met my dear hubby.

February 10, 2002.
Latham Bible Baptist Church ... Latham, NY
7 pm - ish

History in the making!

I was rushing about, as I often do at church.
This time, I was trying to return pots and pans to folks who had made meals for my brand new nephew.
I had been trying to meet this "mystery" man for weeks
even attending a Super Bowl party he was also invited to attend
 (I don't care for football).
He was on an odd work schedule and was so irregular to church,
but finally someone grabbed the both of us and made the introductions.
I was glad to have the introduction,
and he claims that he was glad that I was not the married woman he had assumed me to be.

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