Monday, February 9, 2015

Leftover Rice?

After 4 days down,
it sure is good to be feeling "up" again.
I feel a little bit behind, but am eager to get at it again.
The Spring Cleaning resumes in the Living Room and Kitchen this week.
The house has been decked out for Valentine's Day!
The weather has been beautiful here
 and we have even been able to open up in hopes of chasing away the germs.

This weeks recipe is a tasty way to eat up leftover rice.
I would even make rice just to make the salad.
Yes - I think it is pretty good.
If it counts for anything, it is not one of hubby's favorites, so I usually try to enjoy it at lunch.

Southwestern Salad

1/2 c rinsed cooked black beans
1/2 c corn
1/2 c cooked brown rice
1/2  chopped avocado
1 TBSP chopped cilantro
Salsa to taste

Mix ingredients and enjoy.  Serves 1.
I was thrilled to see some cilantro still making a go of it in the herb garden
(or maybe it was fresh for "spring").

This week's menu plan:

Sunday: Chicken Caesar Salad
Monday:  Southwestern Salad 
Tuesday:  Grilled Hamburgers
Wednesday: Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry
Thursday: Grilled Chicken
Friday: Grilled Salmon
Saturday: BBQ Chicken

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