Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Of Snow, Ice, and Floods

We have been enjoying our little touch of winter here in NC.
Last week, we had a little snow and more ice.
This morning, we woke to a beautiful fluffy snow.
Tomorrow evening, we are supposed to have another snow event.

Last Friday night, we went to church for our typical time of putting together Bibles for missionaries.
Before I started to work on Bibles,
I need to do some accounting work in the church building.
Ad I unlocked the door,
I heard water running.
Oh, a running toilet - I hate the cost of that.
As I stepped through the dark hallway,
I heard a splash and my feet were cold and wet.
It was not a running toilet,
it was a burst pipe.
The water was down the main hall and into all the rooms to one extent or another.
The water was down the sanctuary aisle.

The troops were quickly rallied.
Some ran to Lowes for supplies.
Some stopped the flooding.
Others helped to get the water out of the building.

The water is out.
The carpets are ripped up.
Decisions are being made about what needs to happen and in what order.
Busy, Busy, Busy.

So thankful that the mess was found while there was a lot of help around.
So thankful that the mess was not found on Sunday morning.
So thankful that we turn the hot water off after each service.
So thankful for the efficient workers at church who were commended by the restoration crew 
for removing so much water from the carpet.
So thankful for the flexibility of the church members
to adapt to a different space for services.

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