Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Room to Work (Out)

Hubby did some small projects for me over the weekend.
He replaced some broken blinds in the master bedroom.
He put a new light in the master bath/nook (the one that broke during roof repair).
And ...
He replace the living room fan with a lower profile light.
Herein lies the "Tuesday Transformation."

You can slightly see the old fan in these pictures.
The blades drooped on the edges. 

It was a toss up.
Do we really need the fan in the hot NC summers?
Do we want to continue to hit the fan and lights during our workouts?
The workouts won out and the fan went away.
When we took it down, we read that the blades were supposed to be 7" or more from the floor.
I think our ceiling is about 7"!

It is a form of track lighting with halogen bulbs.
I am still adjusting to the smaller light,
But I love the leaves, the earth tones, and of course the freedom while I work out.

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