Monday, March 28, 2016

Using my Passions

I love all things home.
I love peaceful places.
I love entertaining.
I love meeting needs and solving problems.

In my absence from the blogosphere,  I have been using those passions.

Last year, at this time,
a flood in the church led to a major remodel:
fresh paint, new carpet, reconfigurations of rooms, a removal of JUNK, refinished pews ...

Not long ago, we renovated the bathrooms in our fellowship hall.
For the past two weeks - and into this coming week,
I am working to renovate our Prophet's Chamber rooms and kitchen.

So new paint, new carpet/tile, fresh bedding and window treatments,
and an assessment of what would make our guests stay more pleasant.

So I practice home making and decorating, creating a peaceful place,
practicing hospitality to those who pass through,
and meeting the needs of those who need a place to rest.

Our first guests will be here April 14 or 15 and then another family the second weekend in May.
I am tired from the long days,
but the work is pleasant and enjoyable.
Looking forward to seeing the finished product SOON!

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