Monday, March 7, 2016

Simple Dates

I suppose that it would seem like a couple with no children would have dates ALL the time.
With work and church responsibilities,
the date nights are sometimes rare.
With food allergies and life in a small town,
we have found that date nights are typically a quiet night together - 
washing a car, doing yard work, dreaming up a new project (even if it is far in the future).

We have found a way to spend even more time together.
Since cooking real food meals takes a lot more time than a freezer tray or a box,
hubby and I have made meal time preparation more of a date (at least on the weekends).
Hubby likes to search a site called 
and then he likes to live it.

I enjoy the help in the kitchen and the time together, of course.

Does your spouse like to cook?
Does he enjoy helping in the kitchen?

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