Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Schedule

This week,
I am thankful for my schedule.
I sat down over the weekend and made an hourly schedule.
I knew that it was just lofty, a broad frame ...
... and sure enough, this week was not made for that schedule.
Monday had a two hour block knocked out,
Tuesday and Wednesday, I started each day with very large headaches,
today, my piano lesson times were changed.
BUT ...
that schedule has helped me to get more done.
The outdoor shed has been cleaned,
the gutters have been cleared (time 1 this season),
the cobwebs have been knocked down outside,
mildew has been scrubbed off the gutters,
new meals have been chosen and executed,
hubby and I are back to studying the modern Hebrew language.

Some weeks may allow me to follow the schedule to a "t,"
but in the mean time, it is inspiring me to be more productive.

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