Monday, October 17, 2016

Just A Little Tip

Once again, my schedule is out the window ...
there is a church family moving locally, and a family down health wise that needs some yard care,
and it is midterm week for our college kids (goodies in the mailbox are called for)
BUT ...
I am pleased that I am still getting much accomplished.

Tonight I was making Grilled Chicken Pizza for hubby's lunch box tomorrow,
as I returned to my "preheated" grill ...
no flame, no gas.

Then I remembered a tip that was given to me once.
I was told that even though my tank seemed empty,
the gas was just "gelled" at the bottom.
The tip was to turn the tank upside down.

I did so for about 2 minutes ...
and voila ...
gas to cook the chicken.

BTW - the pizza looks really good.
I also got a batch of granola made tonight,
and a batch of graham crackers so that I can attempt a Chocolate Eclair Cake tomorrow.

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