Monday, October 3, 2016

Thank You!

My brother posted the "thank you" below to those of you who have given of your 
time to pray for baby Timothy.
My brother and the 8 children are travelling to Rochester today to visit with Timmy and mommy.

"Here is the latest picture to come home. His hands stay bundled now so he doesn't pull out his NG feeding tube again. He has been smiling more, which does his mommy's heart good.

My sister had been working on our family having a day of prayer for Timmy today, setting aside a day a month ahead of surgery to pray for him. As she told me "God knows what is needed and when" as the day of prayer falls a week into Timmy's hospitalization. She set up a schedule and there is a family member or friend praying for Timmy and us every half hour of the day today. You can see the schedule here. I know we have been encouraged by the number of people praying for us, and by my sister's planning and concern. I'd like to invite you to pray with us today. Then, if you want, to add your name in the blank third column by any time of day you're praying for Timmy and us as well. There is limited space, but if you click on a cell in column "D" or "H", you can add your name to any other names in there.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Not sure if we will have any more updates today with driving up and back and all. Today should be another stable day, the plan is to not do another echo for a few more days, to increase his feeding volume from 75 cc to 80 cc every 3 hours, and to love on little Timmy.

Thanks again for praying. We appreciate you all."

If you missed the first day, why not choose a time on Tuesday, Oct. 4.
At 9 am I  prayed for some noticeable changes that will lead to a testimony of the power of prayer.
May I add my own thanks to all of you - 
you have blessed my heart as well - 
it is great to have help to carry heavy burdens.

God has blessed already in the day,
when I got up for the third time this morning,
hubby said "God is good.
He woke me up about 30 sec. before my prayer time at 1:30
and kept me awake to pray with consciousness.
I second that.
The weather was perfect that I could climb out of bed without freezing
and was able to stay awake in the early hours of the morning.

If you would like to "meet" Timmy,
check out his blog here.

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