Friday, September 30, 2016

A Day of Prayer

My little nephew Timothy was born with holes in his little heart. 
Currently he is in the hospital to gain strength and will be there
until God heals him or until a surgery can be performed..
We are planning a day of prayer on Monday, October 3.
I have broken the day into 1/2 hour increments,
but the prayer can be anytime 1-30 minutes within that frame.
The prayer chart is here.
**I fixed the chart on Friday 9:00 pm so that you can sign up without permission.**

We are praying for a miracle,
for Timothy to gain strength,
for strength for his parents,
for the children still at home,
for safety traveling between home and the hospital,
for those caring for the children at home,
for wisdom for the caregivers and doctors,
for wisdom in making decisions,
for grace and peace during difficult days.

When the chart is full, then we will send it to my brother and sister-in-law.
I know that it will be an encouragement for them.

For any family who sees this, feel free to send the link to other family members.

If you know my brother and want to share in the day as well - 
feel free to join as well.

Thank you in advance.

**Thank you to the Facebook Contingency who quite obviously spread the word.**

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