Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Workshop Closed

I have missed a few more weeks.
As I mentioned, we were revamping schedules, priorities, etc.
and the school year changes my piano lesson schedules - 
so with all of the adjustments, something had to give.

We have not been sitting idle though.

We have completed two more pieces of furniture.

The first was a replacement for a rolling heater that sat beside hubby's chair (his office).
He built a higher cart.
It has a drawer in the back where he can tuck his computer if it might be in harms way
 (i.e. I am cooking in the kitchen or we are having company)
and there is room underneath for the blanket for those chilly mornings of study.
It has already proven to be more conducive for study.

The second is a coffee table.
We have never had a coffee table and never imagined we would,
but since we were building it, it could be small and serve two purposes.

It is a coffee table and foot rest for the love seat,
and it can also be easily moved to be a bench if we need extra seating.
If we ever move, it could sit at the end of a bed or it could be a window seat.

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