Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Everyone needs it,
but who really wants it.

I have recently asked some people to be accountability partners.

Hubby is helping me with the Couch to 5K program again.
So far, with his encouragement (and pushing),
I am already 2 minutes ahead of the last two times I went through the program.
I am not surprised.
The time goes quicker and I am challenged to not slow him up too much.

I have also asked two young ladies in the church to help me with verse memory again.
We are studying the Proverbs 31 woman together,
so we are learning 2 verses of that passage each week.
They were also working on James (which I have memorized in the past),
so they are helping me to review that book.

As we study Proverbs 31,
we also give each other challenges.
So far we have challenged each other ...
... to be more trustworthy,
... to do things before being asked,
... to do the unlovely job for other people,
... to consider others before ourselves,
... to proactively work on our health,
... to look for and meet needs,
... and to prepare for the future in a reasonable way.
Each challenge must be met with a specific example.

While it is hard to be vulnerable to others,
the accountability is really helping me to make the most of each hour,
to put Bible memory back in the forefront,
and to challenge my physical strength.

Are you accountable to anyone in a specific way?
Why not?
It might surprise you how much it will help you.

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