Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Badges of Honor

I have mentioned that I am studying the Virtuous Woman
with two young ladies in our church.
I am thankful for the rebuke that she is to me.
I need her reminder.
She is diligent, she cares for others, she cares for herself.
She has developed useful skills.

Why do I need her reminder?

Because I, like so many others, like to show off my badges of honor.
I like to find one thing that I do well and emphasize that.
I want to downplay or totally ignore my faults and weaknesses.
I know it to be a natural reaction - 
As I teach, students often have to be coaxed to admit areas of weaknesses.
We need the serious examples.

I love the verse that says, "She strengtheneth her loins."
I am fairly consistent in my exercise regimen.
It can become my badge of honor.

I "rise while it is yet night"-
can I show off that badge too?

But really,
what do I have to boast in?
I struggle with "words of kindness."
I battle "idleness" and feel that I lose so often.

Can you identify your "badge of honor?"
Church attendance?
A certain dress standard?
A Bible version?
A denomination?
Busyness at church?
Something else?
Why not put it in the drawer
and focus on earning or shining some other badges?

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