Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

I love this time of year.
I grieve that the season of Thanksgiving is so easily glossed over.
Last night, we had our praise service.
The Kindergarten teacher in me dug out the crayon box to outline my testimonies.

The Crimson Tide
Our College students (1/2 of them cheer on the Alabama sports teams)
who are such an encouragement to me

Oranges, peppers, squash
A reminder of the blessing that a new diet has been in relieving a lot of allergies and ailments

Yellow - Green
John Deere
God has given hubby a stable job with a good company

An F-150
Nearly 15 years ago, a man in a blue F-150 began waiting around for me after the school day.
God met so many needs in my hubby.
He is faithful, understanding, and a great provider.

The Virtuous Woman
I am thankful for the challenge of this Biblical example.
I am also thankful for the two young ladies who join me for Bible study
each week to be challenged by her.
I am thankful for their holding me accountable for memorizing God's Word.

A little pink baby in NY and the absence of pink babies in my home
I am thankful for the reminder that the gift of life is in God's hands.
I am thankful for the burdens that push me to prayer and fasting.

A Ford Focus
I am thankful for a new car.
After 8 years in NC - God granted a car with AC.

Dirty Little Hands
I am thankful for the piano students that I can share with each week.

Dark Days
2016 has been a rough year for me, but God is faithful in the dark days.
There is One who cares for me more than friends or family ever could and He never fails.

When I received Christ as Savior,
he clothed me with a robe of Righteousness - His righteousness!

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