Saturday, February 18, 2017

Much More Than a Balloon or a Card

February is a "BIG" month in our household.
We celebrate the day we were introduced (2/10).
We celebrate my favorite holiday (2/14) - Valentine's Day.
We celebrate our first date (2/17) - Donut Day.

While I love the celebration,
the decorations,
the helium balloons that hubby my bring home to enjoy all month,
the special donut treat on the anniversary of our first date ... is so much more.

The love is more than a gift or a card.
It is the thoughtfulness that wants to remember these days even when it may seem silly.
It is the sympathy on a particularly difficult day when no one else can understand.
It is the support when everyone else seems to be tearing down.
It is the sharing of common interests and goals.
It is the hard work each day to pay the bills and provide for others as well.
It is the difficult balance that saves time for me when there is much to take the extra time.
It is the encouragement to pursue the things that I enjoy.

I write this because often times people will ask what hubby gave me for such and such an occasion.
While this week, there WAS a card and two helium balloons,
often there is nothing,
because we celebrate our love and each other everyday
and his giving goes beyond physical things.

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