Tuesday, March 14, 2017

And Now the Kitchen ...

I had fully expected to show pictures of the living room first,
but it is having a few minor holdups ...
you get to see the kitchen first.

When we moved in,
we painted out the cabinets and refinished the blue laminate countertops.
BEFORE - upon purchase of trailer

 AFTER: Upon move-in 3 years ago.

Why not do it again?

No kits or packages this time.

I bought some cabinet paint.
Just one step.

The rustoleum countertops were pretty,
but after three years, they were wearing and chipping - not as pretty any more.

In research, we were finding that the coating is the key - not the paint.
And we found that we could make "faux" marble countertops
and seal them with something thicker and stronger!

So of course, we tried it.

We used white primer that we already had for the base.
Used the wall color and cabinet color for the veining.
Then about $100 of a epoxy resin coating that we got at Hobby Lobby.
Yes, that is a piece of change, but cheaper than a piece of laminate or entirely new countertops.

And now my kitchen is light and bright as well.
We probably could have finished the counters for $60 worth of epoxy resin,
but the counters were so warped that it took a little more for it to level and be presentable.
Another coat might make it more perfect, but ...


I am loving the new look and going through the cupboards again has been healthy for cleaning out.
While everything was in disarray, hubby also fixed my large silverware drawer and now it slides beautifully.
Lots of "WINS" this week!

What did I learn?
It sure is a lot easier to do the work before moving into the space!
3 days without a kitchen sink was not a lot of fun!

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