Monday, March 20, 2017

The Menu Book

We are definitely "creatures of habits."
We like to know what is coming.
We have our mornings planned,
our workouts planned,
our evenings planned,
at least to the extent that you can in daily life.

We know that Monday night hubby preps sermons,
Tuesday night is date night,
Wednesday night is church,
Thursday night is Sunday School preparation,
Friday is church activity or fellowship in the home.


For almost 2 years, I followed a one month food plan - over and over and over again.
It changed our life in a good way
(decreased allergies, increased energy, better sleep, less tummy troubles),
but there were quite a few recipes that were not so great.

I needed to make my own plan.

Sunday: Oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas
Monday:  Eggs, meat, and avocados
Tuesday:  Granola
Wednesday:  Smoothie
Thursday:  extra Bible and prayer time
Friday and Saturday: Healthy Baked treat (muffins or crisp)

Weekday Lunch:
PB and honey sandwich
Tuna Sandwich
Leftovers (x 2 - hopefully)
Sloppy Joe or Pizza or Shepherd's Pie

I have almost reached my 30 dinner meals.
We have been trialing for 2-3 months with many being vetoed,
but we are finally narrowing it down to all favorites ...
no more dreading dinner, ever ... only good ones that we BOTH like.
And in the end, there will be less repetition than we had with our original plan.

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