Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Forum: Things That Bring Joy

With Spring comes the joy of Spring cleaning.
Most of my "spring cleaning" was completed with all the fresh paint and other renovation items.

I do still need to work on windows :(
and some of the closets.

We have begun trying to look at things and hold on to things that we love and enjoy.

Hubby went through his closet the other day.
3 shirts gone, 2 ties ...
they fit wrong, they were shapeless, they didn't excite wifey.
Easy - Peasy!

I am going to try this in the coming weeks.
While there are some "necessary" items that don't bring joy,
I am sure that I can get rid of more than I have.

Do you try this when you "clean out?"
Has it worked for you?
Do you have a better plan?

1 comment:

  1. Typically we use the "do need / do not need" method that is determined by last used, or next anticipated use. Have never tried the brings joy does not bring joy method. Seems like it would be an easier method for certain areas of the home than others.