Thursday, March 30, 2017

An Accountability Partner

On this Thankful Thursday,
I am thankful for my new accountability partner.

Last July,
I earned a free Fitbit Flex.
How excited I was to have the reminder to keep moving,
to have the accountability of a record of my successes and failures.

Then last week,
yes, the same day that I broke my mower handle,
fitbit died.

I contacted customer service.
They confirmed that fitbit was indeed dead while still under warranty.
I could get another Flex,
I could have a discount on an upgrade.

Hubby gave me an upgrade.
Fitbit Alta HR arrived on Saturday.
I am excited because it not only tracks my steps,
but it is a watch,
and it gives a better judge of calories burned.
It is good to have my accountability partner again.

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