Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Doesn't Spring give you a sense of renewal and new beginnings?

I was eager to finish the work inside the trailer so that I could get outdoors again.

Last week, I did get outdoors, gassed up the mower and ...
after a couple of spins around the house,
the mower handle sheered off!
How discouraging!
Usually I mow the first week of March and now I was going to be REALLY late.

So I ordered a new handle.
It arrived today and I stole some of hubby's lunch hour so he could install it.
It was good to smell the grass, clover, and green onions
and see the neatly trimmed yard.

Then, since I had the truck,
I hauled off dead branches,
trimmed unruly branches and disposed of them.

I also swept the porches and weeded the walkway a bit.

The next 2 days are supposed to be rain-outs,
so it is nice to have the outside work under control.
Time to hole up and work on the next of hubby's books.

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