Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Living Room

Cheery Yellow at move-in
Changed to green with bulkier furniture

Change of furniture. 

The holdup on this post and these pictures was the rug and the throw pillows.
We were uncertain as to what colors would brighten and balance the grey and the brown.

Obviously, now we have decided.

The walls are now grey.
We actually painted twice and used the Valspar "Love it or we will replace it" guarantee.
Our first shade was grey, but in the evening, with house lights on ... it was more like baby blue -
not quite what we were going for!
So we picked another shade and were pleased with the results.

Again we have the sheer curtains that allow us lots of light
while still giving us privacy in the close quarters of a trailer park.
The full length curtains help the room not look quite as stark with hubby's minimalist tendencies.

But grey and brown with white trim are a bit drab ...
so why not add some teal, some plum, and some yellow?

We replaced the pressed board shelves on the wall with real wood stained to match the other furniture.

Check out the flowers in the corner - 
A delivery from the pastor and his wife (leftovers from a funeral) - 
I may be permanently spoiled.

We added an herb garden on the wall -
it smells good, cleans the air, and will add to the meals when it grows a little more.

Hubby also built a frame to hold greeting cards and notes.  (look to the left of the herbs)
It is a simple wood frame (leftover 2x2 from the back deck railing) strung with wire.
I love the improvement over the strand of yarn that I used to use.

While it may not suit everyone,
we are enjoying our new space.
Hopefully the next time that I need a change,
it will just be rugs and throw pillow covers :)

Hubby's "office" didn't change much.
He did get a potted succulent :)
and we are still enjoying my Valentine's balloons.

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