Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Society's Transformation

A member of our church lent me a book on Sunday.
She said it was an enjoyable, quick read.
I really haven't read a "pleasure" book in a long while.

She lent me "Finding Betty Crocker: The Secret Life of America's First Lady of Food."
The book was a history of Betty Crocker,
a character created by the Gold Medal Baking Company to sell products.
Boy, did it ever work.

While the history of this famous woman was fascinating,
I was more drawn to how things have changed.
Betty began as an older woman who encouraged women in their work in the home.
She encouraged women in homemaking calling it 
a "noble and challenging career ... an art requiring many different skills."
She encouraged women to make the home "a place of peace, joy and contentment."

So while I thought I was reading a history book,
I was encouraged as well as disheartened.
Encouraged to keep working hard in my home,
to "contribute to the cleanliness, the order, the health, the well being of the household."
Disheartened in how American society has been transformed.
These ideals are deemed old-fashioned and sexist.

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