Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little, but Wise (Part IV of IV)

Proverbs 30:28 
The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces.

The ant is diligent and prepares for the future.
The coney knows where to seek stability and protection.
The locust values unity and teamwork.

Finally, we get one more picture ... the spider.
The spider practices persistence and patience.

I am amazed at how quickly a spider builds a web.
I am amazed at the places they choose to build.
I am amazed that they build and rebuild and rebuild.

The spider takes hold with her hands.
The spider has persistence.
It knows what is necessary for survival.
It must catch its food.
It takes hold - builds a web - catches its meals.
It rebuilds when it is knocked down.

A homemaker has a difficult job.
Some days it seems like the work will never get done.
Some days it seems like the work is done over and over each day.
Some days the tasks seem daunting.
Some days it seems like there are innumerable obstacles.

Don't look at the "palace" around you or the size of the task,
set your hands to the work and get it done.

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