Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Icing on the Cake

The last step in the 2014 summer update was the roof.
September slipped away with extra responsibilities at church.
October was catchup from September.
So here we are finishing our 2014 project bucket list.
Trailer As Purchased July 2013

Very worn shingled roof

We started the project on Thursday night.
Got tar paper and furring strips up on the back.
Friday - metal up on back ... tar paper and furring strips on front
Saturday - Big rain, wind, biting cold - forced day off
Sunday - Day of Rest - plenty of sun to dry out roof
Monday - Beautiful day - metal on front, ridge cap on top

We went back and forth ...
Trailer Novermber 2014
Burnished Slate Metal Roof
 The price was comparable.
What swayed us to metal?
No need to remove the shingles already there.
The roof will probably outlast the trailer.

We still have the small shed in the back to reroof - that should be a small Saturday afternoon job.

I don't think I shared this outside decoration with you.
I ordered a plastic lawn sign from Vistaprint.
I Nailed it to a small pallet and trimmed it with leftover rope from the deck project.
It welcomes folks to our little abode.

What a way to top off the summer of exterior improvements!

2015 Project Bucket List
New flooring in guest bathroom - 
- currently has dated linoleum, put down laminate that matches the rest of the trailer.
back deck - strip paint, stain and paint similar to front
Back screen door - paint

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  1. We will be replacing the shingled part of our house next year. J's place already has the metal roof and our front porch area has metal. year, everything will match! Lukas will help David do that. Since there is only one layer of shingles, we will not have to remove them before adding the metal. Easier job. The metal seems to work better with all the snow we get up here. Glad you were able to accomplish this task before winter.