Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Wife, Happy Life

If the maxim is true, then today hubby will have a good life.
This little wife is cheered with dirty hands and bright sunshine.
Today was garden day - not totally finished, but getting there.

Peas - check
Tomatoes - check
Peppers - check
Carrots - check
Lettuce - check
Beets - check
Summer Squash - check
Winter Squash - check
Melon - check
Pumpkin - check
Cucumbers - check
Basil - check
Oregano - check

I know that the boards around the plot are a bit unsightly,
but they were great for kneeling on ...
and maybe they will keep the weeds down close to the garden and make it easier to mow there.

Still to go in ...
green beans

The herb garden still has mint, cilantro, dill, and chives from last year.
The blueberry bush is coming along.
I put some asparagus crowns in the ground a couple weeks ago - 
we'll see what comes of them.

And if the dirt and fresh garden was not enough to cheer me,
how about some homemade lemon pumice soap for cleanup.
 - just another excuse to get dirty :)
It's like hitting the spa after all of the hard work!

The garden is "late" (to me anyway),
but it was a lot easier to work with more time to dry out.
There is still a corner that needs to be turned under,
but all-in-all it was a productive afternoon.
The soil is looking better each year -
hubby calls it a graveyard of egg shells and avocado pits and skins.
It does look a bit strange - but it definitely helps our miserable clay!

Many thanks to the seed providers and the soap providers - 
you know who you are :)

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