Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Obsessive Compulsive?

I was enjoying my snack size bag of Skittles today,
and it prompted this question:

How do you eat your treats?

Do you eat all of them at once?
Do you have to sort them and eat one color at a time?
Do you make pictures?
Do you make a graph and have to even out the colors?

On my skittles - I eat the citrus flavors first.
I save the purple and red for last.
Sometimes I throw all the citrus in my mouth at the same time.
Sometimes I eat the flavors separately.

I think my grandma spurred the behavior.
When she would give us m&m's - 
she made sure that every one had an even number and sometimes even colors as well.
Fun memories!

Care to admit how you eat your treats?

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